Meet The Love Witch

Hello loves!  My name is Gwen and I am the Head Witch, author and owner of The Love Witch sexuality and spirituality blog.  

I am a sex educator based in Portland, Maine.  I work with folks of all ages, stages, identities, desires and abilities, and I support them in pursuing their personal fulfillment in sexual pleasure and health.  

I am also a witch, practicing as a solitary as well as in the Corvid sub Rosa coven and the Witches of Downeast.  My path includes influences of Wicca, Heathenry and Celtic Reconstructionism, though I am always evolving and metamorphosing within my personal practice.  I am a devotee of The Morrígan, of Freya, and of Saturn.  I frequently connect with Venus as well as a melange of other deities that call to me from time to time.  My Craft includes reading tarot and runes, astrology, lunar magic, herbal magic and crystal healing.

I started this blog as an educational and creative outlet, and as a space to combine and integrate my identities as a sex educator and spiritual devotee, and to establish myself as an individual separate from my workplace.  As a recent college graduate with a B.A. in Women’s Studies and a minor in Holistic and Integrative Health, and as a feminist, sex-positive witch, I believe that sexual autonomy and spiritual practice are inextricably connected and equally important for attaining full personal sovereignty and fulfillment.  My vision is to create a unique, interactive and ever-evolving space to understand and embrace these two integral facets of human experience. Welcome to the journey!


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