The Crave Curve Glass Dildo


As a sex educator, an ecofeminist and a Taurus moon, it’s important to me that sex toys are body-safe, environmentally-sustainable and aesthetically pleasing.  The Crave Curve glass dildo is all of those things and more. The Curve is a consciously-designed and artfully-executed sex toy that can be used for pleasure and healing purposes.  

The Curve is a beautiful C-shaped dildo made of borosilicate glass.  According to Crave’s website, the Curve’s borosilicate glass is heat- and shatter-resistant, making it great for temperature play and durable enough for the clumsiest of users (myself included, again citing my inner Taurus).  If the folks at Crave can drop the Curve from atop a 6-foot ladder (which they did), it’s safe to say this toy is pretty tenacious. Additionally, the Curve comes with a protective hard-shell case for safe, sanitary and discreet storage.  

Borosilicate glass is a non-porous material, meaning it can be completely sterilized and will not hold onto any bacteria once it is cleaned.  Non-porous toys are ideal for folks who may struggle with UTIs, BV, yeast infections, etc, and for hygienic purposes if the toy will be used with multiple partners or multiple orifices.  That being said, the Curve is not recommended for anal use, as it does not have a handle or flared base.

   New Crave Glass: sculpture meets pleasure

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The toy’s eponymous curve and rounded ends make it ideal for G-spot stimulation.  One end is slimmer and the other is girthier, thus accommodating a wider spectrum of anatomies and preferences.  

The angle and firmness of the Curve is also ideal for pelvic floor physical therapy stretches.  Folks who have vulvodynia, vaginismus, or other conditions involving vaginal muscle spasms/excessive tightness (from stress, trauma, etc) can use the Curve to massage and stretch the internal muscles in accordance with a pelvic floor physical therapist’s guidance.*  These stretches can help relieve pain in general and during penetrative sex, as well as release muscle tension and, emotionally, provide the user with a path toward healing by reacquainting themselves with their body in an autonomous way.

The Crave Curve glass dildo can be found at Nomia Boutique (24 Exchange St, Portland ME).  For folks who aren’t local, Nomia takes phone orders and will ship products in discreet packaging.  

Overall, the Curve is great if one is looking for a non-mechanized, smooth, firm toy for G-spot stimulation, temperature play, and pelvic floor massage.  For those of us who are environmentally-mindful and aesthetically-inclined, the Curve is a beautifully-sculpted and sustainably-crafted addition to one’s sex toy collection.  

*Note: If you are experiencing vulvovaginal pain or discomfort and think you may have one of the conditions listed above, I strongly encourage you to seek out a pelvic floor physical therapist.  Based on personal experience, pelvic floor PT is extremely helpful for overcoming physical/emotional/trauma-induced pain and malaise. If you are unsure of where to start in looking for a pelvic floor PT, feel free to reach out to me.  I can recommend pelvic floor PTs in the Portland area, or refer you to a recommended professional in your area. Pelvic floor pain is not something to be ignored and it can be treated.