Witchbody by Sabrina Scott: Book Review

Witchbody by Sabrina Scott
I was gifted this graphic novel at Pantheacon to review, and I am so grateful that it found me.
Reading this book is a sacred act; a ritual to be performed with purpose. The cerebral and occasionally convoluted language inspires the mind to meditate on the integration of individual and Earth.  The illustrations provide a raw and provocative visual journey which is both accessible and profound.
Each aspect of this graphic novel stands on its own.  Together, though, the text and artwork co-create a deep, primordial dreamscape for the reader to delve into.
Back Cover of Witchbody
Scott fearlessly embraces the reality of industrialization and environmental degradation, while maintaining honor and appreciation for our modern world.  Their acknowledgement of our personal and collective ontology in relation to magic, environmentalism and our own selves re-orients the reader’s view of what (and who) is “of value,” and calls those beliefs into question.
Witchbody utilizes no sugar-coating of our current collective reality, no antisepticizing of the muddy intermingling of earth and industry.  The literary, artistic and energetic aspects of Witchbody are organic and authentic.  The novel touches something within the soul of the reader that affirms, in their naked, unembellished, vulnerable selves, they are innately valuable and magical.
Scott provides the reader with an intellectual, emotional, visceral and even tactile experience of Western occult magic and environmental advocacy.  Scott identifies the book as a “talisman;” this appellation resonates deeply with me, as I already feel a living, ongoing, working relationship with the wisdom and contemplative stimulus that this creation provides.
Witchbody is a salve for the soul that yearns for a sense of connection to their craft, and the body that desires a a deeper immersion into the Earth it inhabits.

Featured Sexuality Boutique: Femi Toys

Femi Toys is an ethics-oriented, black- and LGBTQ-owned online sex toy store, which I recently had the pleasure of connecting with and becoming an affiliate of.  

Femi Toys was founded in early 2018 by Chamaine Bather and Joanna Salazar, Florida-based life partners of seven years.  Chamaine attends Florida Atlantic University as a Psychology major, and Joanna is currently mastering coding for Femi Toys’ website. From their interest in becoming entrepreneurs and mutual love of quality sex toys, Chamaine and Joanna co-founded Femi Toys.

The couple chose the name Femi Toys as a symbol for feminism and empowering female representation in the sex industry.  They saw the need for a positive and liberating source for sex toys, and named their company in correspondence with their values.

Just as feminism encompasses equality for all people, Femi Toys provides safe sex toys for every body.  They prioritize inclusivity and avoid unnecessary gendering of their products. In a refreshing contrast to the often-gendered marketing of sex toys through specific colors, images and descriptions, Joanna simply states, “If a toy works for you, you should buy it.”

Femi Toys also upholds strict standard for the quality of their products.  Although the adult toy industry is not regulated, Chamaine and Joanna carefully select Femi Toys’ products from reputable, body-safe brands to avoid toxic ingredients present in many sex toys.  The founders keep a list of materials and ingredients that they do not allow in the store, including TPR, TPE, PVC, and CyberSkin (due to their porous and potentially toxic nature), as well as glycerine and propylene glycol because of their propensity to elicit allergic reactions and infections.  While no one can control the lack of regulation in the adult toy industry, the folks at Femi Toys do the work of only providing toys that they themselves would be comfortable using.

As Chamaine and Joanna continue to grow their business, they hope to become a top retailer of quality sex toys, and in the future, make their own line of body-safe toys.  

To purchase products from Femi Toys, and to support The Love Witch as well, click my affiliate link here:


Free shipping is always available for orders, and Femi Toys is including a free gift with all orders until March 2.

As always, I am happy to answer any questions or offer suggestions on sexuality toys and tools.

Keep an eye out for my first overview of a Femi Toys product!