Tarot Readings

As a Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon and Gemini Rising, Gwen aims to provide clients with holistic, heartfelt, and dialogue-oriented tarot readings.  She emphasizes the interconnection of the cards with correspondences of associated spiritual systems, such as astrology, numerology, and crystal healing.

Gwen’s intention for each reading is to provide a safe and supportive space in which clients can feel empowered by a deeper knowledge of themselves and their lives within the framework of the tarot.

Gwen is available for individual tarot readings, as well as tarot for events and parties.

Custom Spellwork

Gwen draws on her experience in witchcraft, herbal magic, tarot and various spiritual systems to create a customized rite tailored to each client.  

The initial 45-minute consultation session allows the client to express their intention for the rite.  The consultation is supported by a 5-card tarot reading that further guides and clarifies the nuances of the spell, which may otherwise be unseen.

Following the consultation, Gwen will design a 3-day spell and deliver it to the client in a 20-minute follow-up session.  

In the second session, clients will receive instructions and materials for the spellwork.  Gwen will provide guidance for performing the rite, and clients can ask any remaining questions.  

This in-depth work provides clients with a clear, constructive magical practice to reset energetic patterns, banish unwanted energies and invite in the ideal manifestation of one’s intention.

Tarot readings/events and custom spellwork services are available via Skype for online/long-distance clients, and in person by request, for clients local to Portland, Maine.

Book a tarot reading, tarot event, or custom spell with Gwen:

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Sex Education Consultations/ Events | Spirituality Events

Gwen provides private education consultations for clients looking for answers to their questions and support on their journeys.  Gwen draws on her training as a sex-positive, inclusive and medically-informed educator to provide clients with guidance, support and resources.

Gwen offers workshops and speaking engagements as requested.

Book Gwen for workshops, speaking engagements, sex education consultations/ events and spirituality events by messaging her on Instagram or  the Contact page.

Visit the Events page for recent and upcoming workshops, classes and other events that she is hosting or participating in.

Photographed by Davina Daras